BBC team

How to join BBC team?

Buddy coordinatorАлександра Кутявина – 89526794451
The Buddy Program helps you adapt to a new country. Your Russian Buddy, who is a volunteer of our club, will help you with any problems and questions. Your Buddy is your friend and your personal (but unprofessional) translator.

Country presentation

Coordinator: Daria Panskova –89527556692
It’s your chance to present your country to everybody! It’s an opportunity to inform others of the culture, landscape and exciting places of your country. It’s your chance to use your creativity and show us why you are so proud of your homeland. Usually the presentation consists of 4 parts – national cuisine, performance, video (it may be your own funny video, video about cultural places and so on) and game (a traditional one is always welcome). Anyway, this is just advice and it’s really up to you. The only necessary part is the video, all the rest is optional and depends on what you want to show the others about your country!

BBC Sports

Coordinator: Sergey Bugreev – 89609730743
Do you do any sports? All information about places, kind of sports you can attend here and so on you can get from coordinators of sport.


Coordinator: Anastasia Starodubtseva – 89131068428
You will get an unique opportunity to create your own matryoshka or valenki and other different traditional Russian toys, amulets, souvenirs and many other interesting things.

BBC Trips & Excursions

Kira Piven (excursions in Tomsk) — 89131033924
Viktor Anikin (trips to other cities) – 89528081079
Excursions play a great role for foreign students during their stay in Russia. They can help provide a window to vast expanses of our country, and students can learn a lot about the traditions and customs of different cultures as well. Every excursion is another key to a positive impression of Russia. If you have any suggestions for trips where you would like to go or questions just contact our coordinators.

Tandem program

Coordinator: Александра Кутявина – 89526794451
Tandem is a way of mutual learning and teaching languages. Basically you will find someone who would teach you foreign language and you would teach him yours in return. Main advantage of Tandem is that it will be just you two who will set the time and intensity of courses! You can form as many couples as you wish. You will find new friends, learn something and definitely have a lot of fun.
If you still have no tandem and want to have one put the information in follow table and check who is able for tandem as well:…

BBC Russian 4 Fun

Olesya Yakhno — 89138495291
Elena Chernyakova – 89231359975
Russian for fun is a special course for foreign students where you can learn Russian language or improve your skills in Russian while enjoying yourself at the same time. You can easily learn the language through games and interesting assignments.

BBC Cinema Club

Coordinator: Kseniia Bulygina – 89521835859
This club is an opportunity for you to touch to Russian cinematograph and improve your auditions skills.

BBC Book Club

Coordinator: Ekaterina Korobova – 89138490766
This semester we start new club – BBC Book club. We’ll start it together. You’ll surely enjoy of club if: • you like to read! • you read not much but are looking for motivation to read more • you enjoy discussing books • you just wonder what kind of people came to Russia to read
You can read in any comfortable for you language and we’ll discuss in English. We don’t have to sit in room each meeting, we can visit theater plays, movies based on books we read. And all of ideas, suggestions how to make meetings more interesting, what to read will be always welcome. Meetings each second Sunday. We’re looking forward to see you in book club.
Any questions or suggestions? You are welcome, contact the coordinators! 

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