Join BBC team

BBC teamMembership in BBC… What are the advantages?

• work in an international environment with highly motivated people
• assist with the arrival of foreign students
• improve foreign language skills with native speakers
• make friends from all over the world
• learn about the history, culture, customs, and socio-political structure of Europe and Asia

1888461_1445312862368490_4582850_nActivities to organise

  • Orientation week
  • Country presentations
  • Language courses, tandems
  • Trips, excursions
  • Buddy kitchen
  • Evenings of games and movies
  • Sports

If you wish to be part of the BBC team:

There is no official registration or application process. Instead, we decide who becomes part of the team based on overall contribution to the BBC. If you would like to be part of the team you can do this by participating in BBC events, involving yourself in BBC organisational meetings and volunteering for the Buddy program.*

* Usually the amount of Russian volunteers is larger than the amount of foreigners and therefore not everyone will get a Buddy. However, sometimes foreigners will arrive later in the year, so don’t lose hope if you are not instantly paired with a Buddy.

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