Buddy Building Club

Buddy building Club is a volunteer-run student club that helps prepare foreign students for life and study in Tomsk as well as acquainting them with Russian culture.

Buddy Building Club is a social club that works as with foreign students as well as russian students too.
Buddy Building Club is a community of active and creative young people interested in learning foreign languages ​​and the cultures of the world, communicating with foreigners and developing their leadership potential.

The main aim of the Buddy Building Club (BBC) is to provide foreign students with help and advice concerning everyday matters and issues. Another part of our work is to make student life more enjoyable by organizing various trips, excursions, language courses and activities for Russian and exchange students.

Buddy Building Club was founded in 2009 by three enthusiasts with the aim of making this world a better place:
Balyasin Mihail, Kravchenko Nikita and Zharova Tatiana.

Mihail Balyasin Tatiana ZharovaNikita Kravchenko
And thanks to them for the «BBC» we all know and love.









Meet current BBC team.

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