Country presentations

First of all, what is a country presentation?


Basically, It’s your chance to present your country to everybody! It’s an opportunity to inform others of the culture, landscape and exciting places of your country. It’s your chance to use your creativity and show us why you are so proud of your homeland.



Usually the presentation consists of 4 parts – national cuisine, performance, video (it may be your own funny video, video about cultural places and so on) and game (a traditional one is always welcome). Anyway, this is just advice and it’s really up to you. The only necessary part is the video, all the rest is optional and depends on what you want to show the others about your country! According to our feedback, the country presentation is the best Buddy Building Club activity during your stay in Tomsk.

Presentations will take place at bar «Yorsh» in informal atmosphere and of course, the afterparty starts at the same place after presentations.

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With first 1-2 week of the new semester!
What country is going to be the first? RUSSIA, of course :)

The schedule for other countries will be announced at the beginning of every semester.


The coordinator of the Country presentations in BBC will set up a meeting several weeks in advance of the presentation and will give you some more detail and advice. Feel free to ask any questions:


Tatiana Sokolova

Tatiana Sokolova


Tel.: +79521775400


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