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aaTomsk is also known as the Athens of Siberia. Unfortunately, it has not earned this nickname due to any connection with the Olympic Games. Nevertheless, there is a lot of sport you can play while you are here. Keep in mind that with winter temperatures sometimes falling to -40 and summer weather reaching +30, there will never be any shortage of sports to try.


Football — by far the most popular, all seasons, outside and inside. Are u ready to play outside when it’s -20?

Ice skating — also inside and outside, all seasons

Cross country skiing -winter
Mountain skiing — actually we don’t have any mountains in Tomsk region, but we have two local hills for skiing, and also we usually organize trips to the mountains which are located 600 km from Tomsk and called Sheregesh. Check it out on the Internet

Basketball and volleyball

Laser tag -a fun way to “kill” each other with laser guns


And many more! There is a professional football club in Tomsk, which is called FC Tom. They play in the Russian Premier League. We organize buying tickets for watching football at the stadium. So basically, we deal with everything that is connected with sport. We will also help you to find some specific information about other kinds of sport and help to join the university team too if you are especially good at sport! We are always open to all suggestions!

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