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Excursions play a great role for foreign students during their stay in Russia. They can help provide a window to vast expanses of our country, and students can learn a lot about the traditions and customs of different cultures as well. Every excursion is another key to a positive impression of Russia.

CpAq5p6XWU8That’s why the Buddy Building Club organizes trips to different cities in Russia as well as within the Tomsk region. Smaller excursions include visits to museums and exhibitions, participation in demonstrations and parades, and various outdoor activities.




Cultural education is one of the main objectives of our Club. The museums of the city are always open for foreign guests and ready to demonstrate the rich history of Tomsk and the Tomsk region. Here you can find the Museum of Tomsk History, the Memorial Museum of Remand NKVD Prison, the Art Museum of Tomsk Region, the Museum of Tomsk Beer, and the Historical and Mineralogical Museums of TPU.


For all fans of something extreme in search of a real adventure, try a trip to Talovskie Chashy. It is a special place beyond the city which will, in no way, leave you dissatisfied.

The top destinations among our trips to other regions are the Novosibirsk region, Krasnoyarsk Kray and Altay Kray. These trips give a perfect opportunity to see the breadth of Siberia and visit some of the coldest cities in Russia, at the very least. BBC does not organize trips to distant places such as Moscow, St. Petersburg and Lake Baikal. However, every foreign student can hit the road in the company of other students, including Russian-speaking students, if advance arrangements are made.

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Even in Tomsk, you can have a wonderful time with horseback riding tours, or just with barbecue parties, enjoying the fresh air and marvelous views.

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Travel with the Buddy Building Club!

Badma Balzhinimaev

Excursions contact person


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