The city

Welcome to Tomsk!  Today Tomsk has a population of around 500,000 people, of which every fifth person is a student, coming from all parts of Russia. Tomsk is one of the most friendly and hospitable cities in Russia. In addition, Tomsk probably has a bigger proportion of foreign language speakers than any other Siberian city.

 How to get there

Tomsk is served by Bogashevo airport, receiving flights from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities. There is a rail branch from the Trans-Siberian Railway junction at Taiga, Kemerovo Oblast leading to Tomsk. Apart from this, you can also use buses from Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Novokuznetsk, Krasnoyarsk and other cities in the region.

 Public transport

Most of the city center is within walking distance. There are a lot of buses (mostly of them are named “marshrutkas (routed taxis) and trams going around the city — you can expect a fee of about half a euro for a ride. We suggest you to download the application 2GIS ( where you can find a detailed map of Tomsk and the public transport network. 2GIS can also be accessed by computer. Please note that at around 10:00pm, the buses and marshrutkas stop working.

However, the quickest and most convenient way to get around is by taxi — there are a lot of taxicab companies, most of which charge around €3-€5 to go anywhere in the city. The problem is the taxi dispatchers and drivers do not speak English, so you will have to learn a couple of key phrases. The possibility of being cheated is close to nothing if you are using a taxicab company, especially if you are using the same company several times.

We advise you to use the Taxi:

Maxim: 8(3822) 90-00-00,Томск 

Lider: 8(3822)99-99-99,

 Student Tomsk

qqTomsk has about six state universities, some of them among the top 3 in Russia in their respective industries. The biggest universities of Tomsk are TSU (Tomsk State University) and TPU (Tomsk Polytechnic University). Each university has many separate buildings.

Despite the amount of foreign students in Tomsk, the locals generally do not speak any English and you will need to use Russian every day. Therefore, we suggest that you learn some basic Russian phrases. Don’t worry! You can definitely improve your Russian skills at the university and with our club.

 Things to see

Lagerny Sad (Camp Garden) — a WWII monument on the bank of the river Tom which is beautiful by itself as well as providing an amazing view of the river.

Naberejnaya (Еmbankment of Tom river) — the central location in Tomsk, near the Oblast Administration office. You can see monuments to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the city, reflecting Tomsk’s history with several attractions, including the city’s main cathedral and a very funny monument to Anton Chekhov.

Voskresenskaya Gora (Voskresenskaya hill) — a steep hill in Tomsk, northeast from the junction of the Ushayka and Tom rivers, which acts as the city’s viewing point.

Novosobornaya Ploshad (Novosobornaya square) – main square in Tomsk with the popular Wooden Ruble and a monument of Tatyana, the symbol of students.

 Things to do

tt Take a walk through the city center — it won’t take you more than a few hours to see virtually everything, and the town is really beautiful from May through September.

Try the Siberian Pancakes (Sibirskie Bliny) with a lot of different stuffings (sold at outlets throughout the downtown area).

Attend a Russian Premier Football League game with the local team called Tom — a great chance to see Russia’s best football teams and feel the heat amongst Tomsk football fans supporting their favorite team.

Ask us for other things to do — there is a lot more.

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