Buddy Program

The Buddy Program helps you adapt to a new country.

Your Russian Buddy, who is a volunteer of our club, will help you with any problems and questions. Your Buddy is your friend and your personal (but unprofessional) translator.
Your buddy will:

  •  Meet you on the first floor of your dormitory at 2 P.M. on your first day in Tomsk
  •  Show you the university campus and International office of TPU where you should bring your documents
  • Help you get Internet and a SIM-card
  • Show you some shops and banks if you need it
  • Help you to go through any troubles during your stay in Tomsk

If you have some problems with your studies, health, or anything else, you should ask your buddy for help.

If you are exchange student of TPU you get Buddy automatically because we have lists of coming students and your Buddy will contact you about a 2-3 weeks before your arrival. In case you didn’t get Buddy for some reason or you are student of the other Tomsk university just fill the form and we will get you one!


Contact person:
Anna Baranova
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chaocharly

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