What is BBC membership card? It is a card that provides you discounts in several places in Tomsk.
Current BBC partners:

  1. HookahBar (Проспект Ленина, 41)
    Discount on best tobacco (Darkside) 40% from Monday to Thursday;
  2. DonerMaster (ул. Усова, 1) 20 Rubels discount with every order;
  3. Power Club Arena Gym (ул. Учебная, 15)
    10% discount on monthly subscription + 3 First trainings for free;
  4. Barbershop «Uppercut» (for men only) (Базарный переулок, 7)
    10% discount for haircut, hairstyle or beard styling;
  5. The Doors Bar (ул. Кулева, 26)
    10% for the alcohol and the food.
  6. Vape Studio (проспект Кирова 5А)
    10% discount for everything


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